Friday, July 25, 2014

Relaxing Bath Salts

After a long day at work and chasing around little boys, my favorite thing to do is take a long soak in the tub. The addition of bath salts help with relaxation and to also chase away any lingering little boy bathroom smells. :)  Last Spring, I had a moment with some friends to create a large batch of salts which we split up to take home. This is a very easy project that is great to do in a group. 


Supply List: Coarse Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Essential Oil, Food Coloring, Decorative Jars, Funnels. Optional: Paper Bowls, Plastic Forks, Ribbons/Bead Decorations. 
  • Take 2 parts Coarse Sea Salt to 1 part Epsom Salt. Mix in a bowl using a fork to sift as necessary. 
  • Mix with a few drops of Food Coloring until desired color is achieved. 
  • Add a few drops of Essential Oil and continue to combine. When I made this with my friends, we divided up the salt prior to this step to add our own fragrance, but that is optional if more than one person in the group prefers the same color and scent. 
  • Using the funnel, pour the bath salts into decorative jars and secure the top tightly. The jars that we used came from Michael's and held enough salt for two baths. These would also look great in mason jars! 
  • Optional: tie coordinating ribbon or beaded wire around the top of the jar for an extra decorative touch. 

Hope you get time and privacy (right, moms?) to enjoy a long soak soon! 

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