Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekly Menu Planner

When my family and I started our budget, I couldn't believe how much money was being wasted on uneaten food! In order to put a lid on the excess waste, it was essential for us to start meal planning. As we started to prepare ahead of time, the way I shopped for groceries was dramatically changed! Instead of going to the store and buying a bunch of food, but nothing to make an actual meal with, I started to intentionally buy ingredients for meals throughout the week. However, one little problem I had was that I habitually plan out my meals on the same piece of paper as my grocery list. Then, when I would get home, I would throw out the list, including my meal plan, and quickly forget which meals I was going to prepare! So, having designated spot to list out my meals has been very helpful for my scattered brain :) 

I created this menu planner with some inspiration I found on Pinterest (of course). The process is very simple: paint a frame, print your menu on patterned paper, add decorations, and you're all set! For a frame, it's easier to use a wooden certificate frame because 1) wood is easier to paint on 2) it will better match the paper size. When the paint is dry and the paper is inserted in the frame, just use a wet erase marker to write in your menu details. Dry erase markers would also work, unless you have kids that like to touch things, as the case in my household :) Alternatively, it's also very easy to convert into a schedule or shopping list.  

Do you have any tips for budget menu planning?

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